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Velgam Vehera
Velgam Vehera

Along the memory of Velgam Vehera

This story is not about today. This story belongs to history. Historical means not for 400 or 500 years. Not remember at all. This was the period of peace being discussed. The war was being continued. However, there was hope that the war would soon be over. But the war did not settle peacefully. It’s a separate story.

We did not know about the Velgam Vehera then. We spent the night in a temple in China Bay. Someone had said about the Velgam Vehera temple. They said that it was a beautiful place.So, we decided to visit Velgam Vehera after having our breakfast. It was not difficult to find the temple. The Sinhalese and the Tamils  looked at us nervously. They might think that we were not aware of such a sacred place. Perhaps they might think that these people were finding a place where people do not often go. We gradually followed the road that they said.

The city area was soon finished. After that, we hoped that there would be small Tamil-Muslim mixed cottages. But we found them only in the first 200 meters. Unfortunately, the shrubs were found and the cottages disappeared.
There are no villagers. Everywhere, only the broken houses. Everywhere, the trees full of mangoes. Some are full of ripped mangoes. That’s how the trees are. But none of us had enough time to get out of the vehicle.
The roads were broken. We didn’t travel at least 20 km per hour in speed. But they were straight. No need to stop. We did not feel bad. We thought that we would meet a junction where we will soon find a people. So we traveled ahead. We did not even turn again. Already we were near the Velgam Vehera. There was no one to ask the road even. We could not go anywhere. We could not get down. Anybody in the vehicle did not even tell a word. We traveled for thirty or forty minutes. We arrived.

There was a sign of a temple on the right side of the road. However, it was the Velgam Vehera Raja Maha Viharaya. We entered with a great comfort because we had not seen a man for two hours. When we arrived at the temple, there were only the soldiers and some civilians in the temple.
They told us about Velgam Vehera Raja Maha Viharaya.

This village has been attacked several times by the Terrorists.

The villagers and the monks of the Velgam Vehera temple were been killed by the terrorists. They had always come to this place. The innocents were been killed brutally.

There were so many things that were happening then. At the time, there were so many valuable things in this temple. There are ruins since the last royal tribute, until the motor which is not blasted. So, no details are needed. The roads are comfortable now. So come and visit.
This is the Velgam Vehera Raja Maha Viharaya

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi