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Thivanka Image House
Thivanka Image House

Thivanka image house, one of the most prominent places in the world is in Polonnaruwa. You can find it through various different profiles but it should be more talked about the beautiful pictures of the Thivanka Buddha statue. The name “Thiwanka” is given due to the statue which has bent from three sides. But you should be more talkative about the brilliance of the images in the house. Therefore, if you come to Polonnaruwa, you should not forget to visit Thiwanka image house. It is also a mistake to forget the Sigiriya frescoes if you come to Sri Lanka and forget about this treasure. The artwork is closer to the Sigiriya paintings. Whatever the reason, it would seem that the similarity would be clear. Collections of paintings on the image house similar to the conventional arts of Sigiriya in colour, figures, shapes and lines. The painting of “Sankassapura wadamawima” is a world – wide painting. This may be the only painting of a prophet, not only in Sri Lanka, but also in the whole world. Here is a story about the Lord Buddha. It’s simply the following:

After receiving his ordination, the Buddha preached her mother that she was the first to preach his Dhamma in the heavens.

The most striking feature is that these forms are equal in style to the Sigiri depictions. We are sure that you have not seen pictures of Thiwanka image house, but you may have seen painting of Sigiriya. You can be someone who has never been to Sri Lanka. First read this story

What is this Tiwanka image house

However, if you are going to visit Sigiriya, you would definitely have to separate little time to watch this painting before you left Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa is one of the more tourist attraction place in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the art in Tiwanka Image house should be watch by you all.

These pictures are mostly similar to the Sigiriya paintings. They have the same look in faces. They also share a kind of image. But in Sigiriya, there’s no mention yet Who does the painting represent. There are gods in the Thivanka image house in Polonnaruwa. That is why they have blossoms in their hands.

However, we do not appreciate the artwork  than we did.
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Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi