Sri Lankan Dudhsagar Fall | Kadiyanlena

Sri lankan Dudhsagar Fall
Sri lankan Dudhsagar Fall

Dudhsagar Fall in India

Have you ever heard about the Dudhsagar Fall in India? The Dudhsagar Fall has become popular because of the railway track which runs by the foot of the waterfall. It is very picturesque when a train runs through it while flashing water during the overflowing season. A photograph of Dudhsagar which has been taken when a train is running through the fall had become immensely popular in Sri Lankan social media recently. It was propagated as a scenery in Sri Lanka. Although there was a few who knew that it isn’t Sri Lanka many were deceived by it. Why do we say it as ours while having so many beautiful scenery in our own.

Waterfall Similar to Dudhsagar

Even though so many people knew about Dudhsagar most of them wasn’t aware that Sri Lanka too has a similar waterfall to Dudhsagar. That is the Kadiyanlena Falls. But there is a little difference at the foot of the waterfall. Here, there is a main road instead of a railway track at the foot. Since we have never visited there despite having been heard of it, we decided to visit the Kadiyanlena on the way from Nuwara Eliya.

The closest city to Kadiyanlena is Nawalapitiya. If you are coming from colombo you have to take the Kotmale road from Nawalapitiya. But we took another root to reach there. We came through the avenue at the Pathana juction which we pass by onthe Nuwara Eliya – Hatton road, and joined to the Kotmale – Nawalapitiya road. The avenue we came was very beautiful , though it is not carpeted. We had to travel slowly because it is a road full of bends. But this is the closest root we can travel from Nawalapitiya to Nuwara Eliya through Thalawakale. Kadiyanlena is located 18 km away from Pathana junction. Travelling through Nawalapitiya is the best way to reach Kadiyanlena but if you want to reach the peak of the fall, you  have to take the other root.

Never imagined Beauty

Actually we had never imagined the Kadiyanlena to be that much beautiful untill we reach there. On the other hand it was the best  season to see the fall. None of the vehicles which passed by the Fall could escape from the flashing water of it.
The waterfall was named Kadiyanlena because of the town Kadiyanlena located near to it. The water of this Fall flows through the Ketabola state. The villagers said that this is called by the name Ketabola Ella too.

This waterfall contains 5 levels and each level contains a pool full of water. The pool in the ground level is the deepest. So the villagers have a habit to use the upper 4 pools to have a bath. We couldn’t bath from any of this because we went there in overflowing season. We can climb the peak of the fall through a foot path located up to the mountain. But it is very dangerous to climb there during the rainy days.

The beauty of the Kadiyanlena is seen from the far distance. Therefore you can observe it while in your vehicle. It is a new experience for us because such waterfalls which are close to the main road is very rare.

The Kadiyanlena is considered as a margin between Nuwara Eliya and Kandy districts. There is a notice board belongs to the Road Development Authority stating these information. As mention in there, a part of the Kadiyanlena belongs to the Norwood Estate and the other part belongs to Kadugannawa Estate.

Every weekend the waterfalls in Sri Lanka become full of travellers , but unfortunately it is not the same for Kadiyanlena as it is not very popular and It is lucky the surrounded area is still clean as there is no garbage.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi