Sathmahal Prasadaya | The Seven Storey monastery

Sathmahal Prasadaya
Sathmahal Prasadaya

Sathmahal Prasadaya is one of the most remarkable structures in Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. It is ghostly. No one has identified what it is made for according to the general information. However, this is a beautiful structure. You can come to a conclusion on the nature of the building just by hearing the name. This is a seven storey building. The construction is fifty-three feet high. The top floor has been ruined. In the seven floors of the building, there were statues of the gods in the middle of the arches.

The various scholars have expressed views on this building

According to some, it is a stupa. But in Sri Lanka, there is no such comment in the stupa classification. However, it was not possible to  argue such a design which was done by the great creators in Sri Lankan history , but it is not acceptable proof of a stupa.

What is this used for

Professor Paranavithana has said there is a same stucture building named “Lemiyungu Vatkukun Vihara” in the temple “Lamiyungu vattukun” of Northern Shiam. Similarly, It will be clear to you that these two names are similar. But it is believed that this building is located within the premises of the Temple of tooth and it is believed that it was used for some Buddhist cause.

Also, there is a staircase that is supposed to be used to go to the seven floors. It is a serious question, however, whatever it was, but it was why it had to be excluded from the architecture of Polonnaruwa. Another problem is the lack of such a building or ether.

Seven gods may hiding the story

Sometimes people may think that the outer appearance of the building is similar to that of today. However, such construction is not mentioned anywhere in history.
It’s some kind of a mystery story. It’s a bit we’ve been hiding a strange talk that no one thinks of. There’s no one in our past to find out what’s in there. This is a treasure. It’s a serious question to do it without damaging it. And sometimes, the seven gods of the towers may hiding a secret to the world.
Find the Sath Mahal Prasadaya and observe that silent past. It’s also a great experience for you.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi