Ratnapura District Sri Lanka

Ratnapura District Sri Lanka
Ratnapura District Sri Lanka

A Post to the Readers of Story of Ceylon

Sri Lanka is a country that has a high tourist visibility and is well-known for traveling around the globe. Although this is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this country is perfect in terms of natural beauty. The clear sea around the island, the beautiful mountains in the central part of the country, the glamorous waterfalls will greatly enlighten the beauty of the country. Also, birds, Asian elephant and the tiger who were most attracted by the tourists are roaming in the park safely. On the other hand, many tourists have drawn their attention to the cultural events such as the annual Traditional Perahara of Senkadagala (Kandy), the history of Sri Lanka as well as the buildings built during the Portuguese, Dutch and English periods in Sri Lanka. That’s why tourists come to Sri Lanka to share such a wealth of experiences with their lives.

Hence, the “Story of Ceylon” team started writing this article with the intention of adding you a lot of new experiences to your convenience. This article will tell you what can be done for tourists across the main administrative districts in Sri Lanka. By separating one letter into one district, we tell you what you can do, where you can visit. If you come to Sri Lanka to see a famous place, be aware about the most famous places beside it, will be an advantage for you to have a great experience.

Ratnapura District

We thought that this series of articles should be started from Ratnapura District. Ratnapura district is well known for tourist attractions because of the gems. Other than that it is popular for Sri Pada, Udawalawa National Park and Sinharaja Forest. You can enjoy the places you know, but you are not aware of most of the places in Ratnapura District. If you had thought so long that you did not know what to do, you will change this idea after reading this article.

When you travel about 100 kilometers from the city of Colombo you will meet Ratnapura. Ratnapura District can be named as a highland area adjacent to Rakwana. The Ratnapura district is surrounded by the Kegalle and Nuwara Eliya Districts, Galle, Matara and Hambantota Districts in the South, Badulla and Moneragala Districts in the East, Kalutara and Colombo Districts in the West. Now you have a clear idea about the location of the Ratnapura district. You can easily travel to every district mentioned above through Ratnapura. And if you choose this site, you can easily go to Ratnapura and travel everywhere if you have enough time left with you.

Best gems in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was known by Sri Lankans as Taprobane, Ceylon, Thambapanni, as well as names such as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and “Rathnadeepa” in the past. . The reason is gems. Sri Lanka is known as Ratnadeepa with the intention of an Island of gems (country). When Sri Lanka was famous for the world’s best gems, the Ratnapura district was identified as the best gem stole in Sri Lanka. The finest turquoise, the star of Adam, known all over the world, has also been found in the Ratnapura district. The mining industry or the gem mining industry is one of the main occupation in the country.
You should come to Ratnapura to see how a gem mining work is done. And to get the best gems in the world, you need to come to Ratnapura. If you go to Kandy or Galle to buy gems, you had to change it because Ratnapura is the best place to buy gems from faithful traders faithfully. If you tell us that you are coming to Ratnapura, we will be able to help you with your gem needs.

Sri Pada mountain and Saman Devalaya

The Sri Pada mountain known as Lord Buddha’s sacred footprint, or the Samanala Kanda, which is called the “Adams Peak”, belongs to the Ratnapura and Nuwara Eliya districts. The God Saman had invited Lord Buddha to come to Adam’s Peak in his third visit to Sri Lanka. It is widely accepted that the Buddha had left a landmark of his left foot print on the mountain. During the period of six month, from Unduwap ​​Poya(December) to Vesak Poya(May), thousands of people from all over the world climb the Peak of the mountain to worship the foot print. Visitors are eager to see the spectacular view of the Sunrise spectrum and especially the butterflies.

That is why Saparagamu Maha Saman Devala is a unique place in the Ratnapura District that gets the blessings of God. Ratnapura is a culturally important city during the Saman Devalaya season. You can also see the Mahababa in the procession of Saman Devala perahera, where you can see no other Mahababa in processions in Sri Lanka.

Water Falls and Reservoirs

In addition, there is another reason for the Ratnapura District to be distinguished. It is the district where the highest number of natural waterfall can be found in Sri Lanka. There are many popular waterfalls in the Ratnapura district such as Bopath Ella, Duwili Ella and Nalagana Ella. Also there are many waterfalls that are not very popular such as Pulun Ella, Miyunu Ella, Hathbaba ella, Mapalana Ella, Rajanawa Ella, Kirindi Ella, Katugas Ella and Dehena Ella. The value that these waterfalls bring to Ratnapura is uncountable. Tell us if you are coming to Ratnapura. We will give you information about the roads and other necessary informations.

You may have seen the beautiful photos of the village of Pahanthudawa and Nanperiyal. Those areas also belong to the Ratnapura district. There are many such places in the Balangoda area which belongs to the Ratnapura District. The beautiful places in the Balangoda area can be identified as Bakers Bend, Belihul oya, Boltumba Reservoir, Samanala Wewa and Adara kanda mountain range.

Historic Places

In addition to this, we come across many places of historical value in Ratnapura. The archaeological evidences such as bones and stone materials of the Balangoda human being, who were the earliest human being in our country, were first found from Ratnapura and Balangoda minerals. Similarly, caves such as Kuruwita Batadomba lena, Batathota lena and many caves provide evidence of human history.

This is the Batathota cave is called the Diwa guhawa in Buddhist history. According to the legends, the Buddha, who had come to Mount Samanala to build the sacred footprint, had rested on this cave. It is also said in the history that at one time the tooth relic was hidden inside a kurahangala in order to protect the sacred tooth relic from the invasions. This kurahangala is located in the Delgamuwa Rajamaha Vihara at Kuruwita in the Ratnapura district.

The king of Valagamba who falled back because of the invasions hid himself for a suitable occasion in Pothgul Rajamaha Viharaya. It is also situated in the Ratnapura District. In addition, the Rathganga Rajamaha Viharaya which is known as Punchi Dambadiva, the Sankhapala Raja Maha Viharaya and Nadun Raja Maha Viharaya where the biggest tusks in South Asia are found, are located Ratnapura district.

In addition, the Bunglow of Ehelepola Adikaram, which has been able to create a legend in Lankan History, is located in the city of Ratnapura. Today, it has been designated as a museum of biodiversity. Maduwanwela bunglow which belongs to the Maduwanwela Disawe is also located in Ratnapura.

World Heritage Sinharaja Forest

Ratnapura District is one of the borders of the Sinharaja rainforest which is named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the Galle, Matara districts and also we can travel Sinharaja through Kalawana in the Ratnapura District. It is one of the most important places to visit, which is an abundance of rich biodiversity.

Let’s go to see Elephants

If you are to come to Sri Lanka to see the Elephant, then the Udawalawe National Park can be named as the best place in the Ratnapura District. Even in the area of ​​the Sripada forest and the Sinharaja forest, wild elephants are rarely seen. If you are looking at elephants, the best place in here is Udawalawa. As you have saffari facilities, you can see wild elephants and other wild animals. We are also confident that you will also make your eyes even more radiant, with an overwhelming reservoir, a large area of ​​Udawalawe reservoir.

Welcome to travel

Ratnapura is a district disturbed by the rain during the whole year. May also begins to activate the Southwest monsoon. Rathnapura too gets rain. During the months of May and June, heavy rains are being reported in Ratnapura. So, when you think of traveling Ratnapura , we urge you to choose your time by avoiding months of heavy rainfalls.

So tell us if you are coming to Ratnapura. We can help you. Similarly, instead of trying to market in the most popular tourism towns of Sri Lanka, try to do a little bit more in Ratnapura. We are confident that you will have many exciting experiences.

“In our next article, we are ready to tell you in detail about all these places”

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi