Polonnaruwa Shiva Kovil

Polonnaruwa Shiva Kovil

Polonnaruwa Shiva Kovil

Polonnaruwa Shiva Kovil – Which opened new ways in Buddhist literature

The breeze that flows by touching lotus and lillies of tanks of all sizes
in Pulathisipura hits the Gal Vihara statue. It carries the fragrance of
flowers which were carried by thousands of devotees. That breeze flows
through the sacred Jaya Sri Maha Boo tree. When the Boo leaves hit by the
wind, sound of the chanting of thousand bikkus is created. The voice
‘Sadu.. Sadu..’ (worshiping) and the chanting combined together and flow
through the whole temple. We try to find how this ground was in the past.

Generally, you know that Sri Lanka had various types of invations and those
invasions changed the country. Polonnaruwa is also changed by this. You
might not visit Polonnaruwa aware of that reason, but from today onwards
you should come here to discover its history.

A number of special places in this wonderful city is attached with its
history. Do you agree with me if I said that the main reason for the
revolution of literature is Shiva kovil? No, Nobody will. With the downfall
of Anuradhapura kingdom, kingdom shifted to Polonnaruwa. With that the Shivakovil became a part of the palace.

There is a long story which is woven around Shiva kovils, but this is not
the time to speak on that. However,  no one could oppose directly with the
construction of Shiva kovils as they were built for the with the effect of
royal commandments.  But with the construction of this kovils, many
devotees have been created around it. This leds the reduction of Buddhists.
Because of this some great literary creations have been written.

The need of these book is to build up good religious morals. But the
literature works that has created to fulfill that narrow intention has
nourished the Polonnaruwa kingdom for today, tomorrow and forever

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi