Pigeon Island National Park

pigeon island sri lanka
Pigeon Island

(Some instructions to those who visit)

Pigeon island is a popular place that we all know. We means here the
travelers in Sri Lanka. This is the only national park situated  in a
island in Sri Lanka. This is located off the east coast of Sri Lanka. In
fact, 1.2 navel miles away from Trincomalee. In the old days , the Pigeon
island has been used as a messaging center. Today, as a matter of fact,
thousands of pigeon are living in this island. These pigeons are called
‘Nil Gal’ pigeons.

However, you can visit this special island. But, that cannot be done
easily. Don’t misunderstand, they are not asking money from you. You must
follow the given instructions. So, before everything you have to read the
following instructions carefully.

(1) Maximum 8 passengers can travel in a boat at once and infants and
elderly people should not be involved in the journey.

(2) Wear the life jackets properly.

(3) All in the boat should sit in a balanced manner. No one should stand
for any reason while sailing and everyone should hold the boat tightly.

(4) Behave as a team. Do not be afraid im an emergency because you have
life jackets with you and they will float you on the water. Help rescue
teams get to know your position.

(5) Be careful not to jump over the stones when walking in the island.

(6) Use only the roots that are made in there to walk.

(7) Do not try to touch coral reefs or pick them and walk on them.

(8) Try to see the spectacular coral reefs and its living organisms from
the surface of the water. Do not bully them. Get the help of an educated

(9) If you are experienced in diving along the coral reefs, use the
instructions belonhs to them. If you do not have an experience, get the

Keep in your minds that a simple mistake is a cause of life threatening

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi