Parakrama Samudraya – Polonnaruwa

Parakrama Samudraya
Parakrama Samudraya

Polonnaruwa is a district in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.
Polonnaruwa is also known as the second kingdom in Sri Lanka. The kings of Sri Lanka, who named Polonnaruwa or the Pulathisipura after the kingdom of Anuradhapura have built most of the venerated monasteries, palaces and tanks in Sri Lanka.

We’re talking about one of the most important tank. It’s the Parakrama
Samudraya. When we see the blue water that spreads over a large area, we
think it is a sea. This lake with a lot of water has a very nice view.

Bluish tackling waves

You can easily reach the Parakrama Samudra from the old town of
Polonnaruwa. The bluish watercourse extending to the extremity and the cold winds of the blue streams will evade the tiredness of your face and your heart. And when you see the tackling waves, you will probably think that you are near a sea in the ​land. We are confident that the fascinating
scenery and cold waves will take you to a beautiful world.

One of the best irrigation work in Sri Lanka

Parakrama Samudra is one of the best irrigation works in Sri Lanka. The
Parakrama Samudra is a good example of how surprising the ancient
irrigation industry in Sri Lanka is.

In the past, the rulers who ruled in Ceylon showed keen interest in the
irrigation system. This was due to the fact that it was essential to keep
the water required for agricultural activities in the North Central
Province. The kings that were not interested in sending a drop of water
from the sky, without getting used to the sea, created huge tanks in the
dry zone of Sri Lanka.

King Parakramabahu the Great

This tank was built by King Parakramabahu who was a great ruler in the
Polonnaruwa kingdom. This Parakrama Samudraya also provides water for
agricultural purposes, and the city of Polonnaruaru is quite cool.

Tanks, Thopa, Eramudu and Dumutulu have been collected to build this
reservoir. The water is brought to the Parakrama Samudra by the Akasa
River. This has been built by constructing a dam across Amban Ganga and
Angamadilla river which is a tributary of the Mahaweli River. Similarly,
the waters of Girithale, Thambalawewa and Kadawalawewa feed the Parakrama Samudra.

The current reservoir is 12.38 miles [12.38 km] long. And the height is
9.45 meters. The catchment area of ​​the reservoir is 71.71 square
kilometers and its spread is 2539.5 hectares. The water capacity of the
reservoir is 134.07 cubic meters. There is a small canal seen in the
reservoir. The islands which include the ancient ruins can be seen in the
middle of Parakrama Samudra.

Statue of king Parakramabahu the Great

Near the Parakrama Samudra, there is a statue that belongs to King
Parakramabahu VI who was the founder of this tank. Many people believe that
this statue is situated in the garden near the Parakrama Samudra, although
it contains many legends. In addition, several ruins connected to the lake
are now visible in that aisle. Deepa Park, Spring Palace and the Cold
Palace are the main ones.

Visit Parakrama Samudraya

If you are willing to travel to Polonnaruwa, you will get lucky to see the
ruins, temples and many amazing irrigation works in Sri Lanka. A little
moment close to the Parakrama Samudra will be a very beautiful memory in
your memory book. If you can walk to the Parakrama Samudraya in the
evening, we can be sure that you will be able to see a very nice, beautiful
senery. In the evening without rain, the breeze on the dam will be a
journey to nature. Your eyes will be painted in front of your eyes with a
sprawling paddy field, sunny summers of the sky, and an invisible blue
water stream. You have the opportunity to see and enjoy the beauty with
your eyes. Visit Parakrama Samudraya.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi