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Pani Waraka
Pani Waraka

Pani Waraka

If you come to Sri Lanka, do not miss the strangest delicious food that you
have in here. Because in this paradise there are many amazing food that
cannot be found anywhere in the world. Perhaps you have not seen this food although you have come to Sri Lanka.

When the next time you come to Sri Lanka, leave a message to Story of
. So we can prepare these food to you all. All right, this is about
‘Pani waraka’.

Pani waraka is not a common dish. But in Sri Lanka, ‘Waraka’ and ‘Wala’ are essential. But among them ‘Pani waraka ‘ is rare to find.

Jak is a common dish found in Sri Lanka. Every home there is a jak tree.
The jak tree is called ‘ Rice tree’ because Sri Lankans eat jak instead of
rice. It is also a delicious food.

We can rarely find ‘ Pani waraka’ among these jak trees. Generally, the
ripped jak is called ‘Waraka’. But the colour and the taste of Pani waraka
is comparatively different. Waraka is usually yellow in colour but Pani
waraka is orange in colour. And they contain honey inside.

We cannot write the taste of Pani waraka in words because words cannot
explain the taste of a food. So, you have to taste it when you visit Sri
Lanka. Inform us if you want. Can you remember the name? This is called
Pani Waraka.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi