Observe The Aurora And The Twilight In One Day

Observe The Aurora
Observe The Aurora

We know that the sunset and the sunrise are beautiful scenery. It’s true.
But most countries around the world can not see this view in a correct way.
In some countries no one can see that. Also, some countries can not see the
sun rising although they can see the sun disappearing. In some countries,
the sun sets, but the sun can not be seen .The countries that observe both
the sunrise and the sunset are very few. One of these is our little island.
Sri Lanka.

Eastern Coast

We invite someone to the eastern coast  of Sri Lanka, whenever you visit
our country. The eastern coast of Sri Lanka is very long. And this is not
as complex as other coastal areas. It’s still just to the eastern coast. It
started from the coast Ampara and ended in Trincomalee. There are a bit of
tourists in Arugambay, Passikudah, Nilaveli and Marble beach. But that does
not make you despair. In this way, observing the sunrise from the Eastern
shore and the sunset from the Western coast, may be a life-long experience.

*For the morning one mood and for the evening another mood”*
You can observe how it is and you can take photos of the sunset at the end
of the day.

Even a Selfy

Yes, if you need, that will be a fresh new experience for you. If you see
yourself with this senery, you will feel the people around the world should
come to see this wonderful event.You can choose Galface to see the sunset.  On the other side, you can go to Arugambay and Okanda.
Within 7.30 am to 4.00 pm, you can travel the  across the country via
Ratnapura. Come to Colombo via Ratnapura.

Make a trend

Here we give a new plan. Make a trend to take a selfy with the Aurora and
the Twilight in the same day.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi