The Marble Beach | Trincomalee

The Marble Beach | Trincomalee
The Marble Beach | Trincomalee

The blue coastal belt of Sri Lanka has always been a favorite of local and
foreign tourists. We love to drift over the beach and drift from the sky,
or form the heavens, and let the sun go down to the beach.

The east coast of Sri Lanka is a very beautiful beach and picturesque
scenery. Trincomalee is also considered to be one of the most beautiful
beaches in the Trincomalee district. Trincomalee is a very old natural
harbor. This is also known as Gokanna in the past. The Trincomalee harbour
is also the only natural harbour in the Indian Ocean and the second-best
natural port in the world, as well as in any situation under any weather

Nivalvali and Uppuweli are two popular coastlines in Trincomalee. Marble
beach on the Trincomalee harbor is also a popular coastal belt between both local and foreign tourists. Because of the most beautiful, blue, tranquil
seawater and delicate sand beach, the Marble beach is popular among the

This beach is located in the Kanniya Bridge starting point from
Trincomalee.  About a kilometer and a half from there. If you are from
Trincomalee, you should travel about 18 kilometers along the
Trincomalee-Kanniya road. This Marble Beach is one of the coastal seas of
the Trincomalee harbor. This place is not so deep. Like a water pool. The
sunlight flows into this water, creating beautiful patterns and painting of
the sun. The patterns are like Marble. So lovely. The name Marble Beach
comes from the sunlight that sets the style like Marble.

Marble Beach is ideal for swimming in the sea. Also, Marble Beach is a good
place to visit birds, dive and take a boat trip. If you visit Marble Beach,
the best time is between April and September.

It has facilities such as toilets, porches, shelters for rest, safe
drinking water, parking space, and beach facilities.

And the Trincomalee harbor can be seen from here. The Elephant island and the Elephant point can be seen very clearly from here. So we invite you to come to experience this beautiful sea coast. This clear blue waters will
lead you to a different world and will leave you with many memorable

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi