Manganai Beach | Salli Amman kovil

Manganai Beach | Salli Amman kovil
Salli Amman kovil

Manganai beach

If you go to Trincomalee and find for a snorkeling, the answer will be Nilaveli. Nilaveli is the most popular beach in Trincomalee. As such, not only local tourists, but foreign tourists also fill the Nilaveli coast. There are many tourist accommodations for such tourists in the surrounding town. Marble Beach is also one of the most popular beaches in Trincomalee. Marble Beach is very popular among the tourists today.

Distinctive features of Manganai beach

Nilaveli and Marble Beach do not match for those who hope to spend much time on the coast with his family. But recently we met a beach situated in Trincomalee which is very quiet, free, isolated, beautiful, not much popular and not very busy. That is Manganai beach. This is also known as the Adakkupara beach. The distinctive feature of this place is not just the freedom. The speed of the waves which reach the Manganai coast is also relatively low. It is due to a beautiful natural reef stone that is located not far from the coast. Because of the reef, the waves reach the coast very slowly. So, we can spend our free time with the little ones without any fear. The other thing that increases the value of this beach is the shrubber on the shore. These bushes have grown as a natural tent, where a small family can have their meals together.

How to get to Manganai

That is enough about the beach, because you can see more when you visit there. Now, let me tell you the way you can reach there. On the way you travel from Nilaveli to Trincomalee, you will find a road to the Salli kovil on the left. It is not hard to find it  because ,the name ‘Salli kovil’ is written in large letters on a board. If you want to visit Salli kovil, you have to go along that path and have to turn left. But, to go to Manganai , we have to go straight along the road. Also the well known Muththukumari Amman kovil is located in the way to Manganai. Therefore , the journey to Manganai will be completed, if you visit both Muththukumari Amman kovil and the Salli kovil. Now you may think what this Salli kovil is. So, I will tell you about it. Do not get a wrong idea when you hear the name. That name has come with the location of it. Its real name is Salli Amman kovil. But, the villagers use as Salli kovil for their easy usage.

Have a visit

However the confident in faith is, visit these two kovils on your way to Manganai, because both Salli kovil and Muththukumari Amman kovil are located in a beautiful place near the coast.

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Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi