Kumana Village – Let’s visit

Kumana Village
Kumana Village

You think that we are going to tell you about birds. Actually it is not , there are birds in Kumana, but there we can find many things than birds.

In Kumana, you can find a sightseen spot. We need to tell you a separate story on that. But before you stop here, you can see some coconut palms through the forest.

Where are the coconut palms come from?’

This may be a question for anyone. For us, the same. The answer is,

‘In the past there was a village here’

A village in a reserve? Yes, there was a village. There were more than 20 houses, a school and a small shopping complex in this village. But, all of these have been ruined. It has been forgotten with the time by the scum of the jungle. But, we walked through the Kumana forest and found this village.

” How the villagers came here? “

Is the next important thing that I have to say. As we found, their history runs back to 1818. These people had joined the rebellion of 1818, and later they had falled back along the Kumbukkan Oya. Then, this is the village which they had settled down after the declaration. They had been living here freely, for more than 150 years.

But, with the time, that freedom went to pieces. We found several reasons to explain this. One reason is the war. Usually, we had the war with North but the people in East had burnt by the war. There were terrorism in these villages.

And with the claim that Kumana is a reserve, a village cannot be a there. As such, the reserve was created and the village was destroyed. These people received land from elsewhere. Some of them agreed, but some did not like it. Anyhow, the villagers had to handover their settlement to the wild lives. But, the coconut palms still remain as a memory. This is how the story of the village where there is no one ended

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi