Kudumbigala Monastery


Kudumbigala Monastery

Achieving Nibbana within our existence is such a complex thing. What a console it is, if we can quench our mind for a few minute. Today we are going to share with you about such a sacred place where thousands of Arihaths and devotees obtained console for many years. That is Kudumbigala. Kudumbigala is located in Panama divisional secretarial division in Ampara district.

No one is there to destroy your peace of mind.

A part of isolated Kudumbigala, which is a paradise of wild animals, margins to Kumana National Sanctuary. Also the area belongs to Kudumbigala temple is named as the Kudumbigala sanctuary. The paddy fields which surrounds the area give a delight to the visitors. The breeze blowing through the land gives relaxation to the body. All of these together brings the console in mind. Apart from the chirping of the birds flying above and the trumpet of elephants heard from far away, no one is there to destroy your peace of mind.

An amazing creation of the mother nature

Kudumbigala monastery is spread throughout thousands of acres. It includes 50 cave cauldrons. In addition we can see the ruins of eight stupa in the monastery grounds. The most special thing is the rock which naturally shaped as a statue of Lord Buddha in a lying manner. The best location to observe this statue like rock marked and can be found while climbing the rock. Indeed it’s an amazing creation of the mother nature

The splendour of the ancient kingdom

The epigraphs have proved that the Kudumbigala has been started in early Anuradhapura era. Ten out of them belong to the early period of AD. All of these epigraphs  are kept safe inside the cauldron caves. According to those epigraphs a few of the cave shrines are made by the Bikkus of the early days.

Apart from the cabe shrines and stupas, ruins of buildings which belongs the monastery complex and a few ponds are still existing demonstrating the splendour of the ancient kingdoms. After the Anuradhapura kingdom, Kudumbigala temple became weedy but the Bikkus and Arihaths have continued their meditation. However, recently it was discovered by a devotee named Maithri in 1954. It says that he had reconstructed some of the caves and began meditation. According to the rumors he was the one who had invited Thebugala Anandasiri thero. But after the murder of Anandasiri thero in 1989 , Kudumbigala again became weedy since 1990 , Kudumbigala was a colony of terrorist and later it was opened to devotees in 2002 during the ceasefire period.

Kudumbigala is waiting to welcome you warmly!

Even in today, there are Arihaths who are leading a meditative life getting prepared to get across the sansara (life achieving Nibbana). We cannot meet these Arihaths because they live their lives isolated from the human association. But still for those who are fed up of the nonstop competitive running of this busy life, Kudumbigala is waiting to welcome you warmly!

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi