Koneswaram kovil | Most Powerful Shiva Kovil

Koneswaram kovil
Koneswaram kovil

Trincomalee is the main district of Eastern province. The largest natural
harbor in South Asia is located in Trincomalee. Similar tourist attractions
like Nilaveli, Marble Beach, Pigeon Island, Kinniya and many other
well-known tourist resorts have been found in Trincomalee.

The Koneshwaram temple is another place to remember in Trincomalee. This temple has been established for the sake of Lord Shiva on a small hill in a very beautiful environment. Thousands of foreign and local tourists come to see the Koneshwaram Kovil without a split. Therefore, this Koneshwaram Kovil is a place of great popularity among both Sri Lankans and foreign tourists.

The history of Hindus refers to five key shrines dedicated to God, called
Ishwara, or Shiva. This is a special feature for identifying this as the
“Ishwaram” which is at the end of each five kovils. The Thirukethiswaram
kovil in Mannar, Munneswaram kovil in Chilaw, Naguleswaram kovil in Jaffna, Thondeswaram kovil in Matara and Koneshvaram Kovil in Trincomalee are the five ishwaram kovils in Sri Lanka. In place of Thondeswaram Kovil in Matara, there is a kovil called Devinuvara Upulvan today.

The legend

According to the legend, the Konesvaram Kovil had been built by king
Ravana. Among the kovils mentioned, Konesvaram is the most famous and most powerful kovil. Although the kovils have been built around the world for worshiping Shiva, Koneshwaram is the most powerful kovil all over the world.

The mountain where the Koneswaram Kovil is located called mount Swami.
According to the legend, this is a part of the golden mountain of God that
was fallen according to the result of a conflict that arose among God.

This temple is located on the Frederic Fortress. You want to enter the
Federic Fortress first. Then you can cross the marsh trees and climb Mount
Swami and you can reach the Koneswaram Kovil.

It is difficult to get there with naked legs during the afternoon, because
the land is hot. But in view of the devotees who worship the kovil, we see
how powerful the beliefs of them, for this kovil and the god of Shiva.

The main festival of this temple is held annually in April. As well as
daily rites will be held at 7.15 am, 11 am and 4 pm. You will be able to
experience Hindu rituals, if you participate in a ceremony at the
Koneswaram Kovil at once, though you are not Hindu.

The Koneshwaram kovil is well-known for another matter. Thousands of
parents who do not have children come to this Koneswaram temple and pray
for children. There is no split. They wish to tie a small wooden crib on a
tree in the ground of the kovil. Therefore, the trees on one side of the
kovil are filled with wooden cribs. From all the wooden cribs, you can see
the lovely little dreams of the people.

When the coastal areas of Ceylon were subjected to Portuguese rule in the
17th century, they dismantled the ancient Konesvaram kovil and used it with the debris to build the fort. It was also mentioned that the statues of the Kovil were taken to the Lisbon museum and that it was hidden under the earth. In history, it was mentioned that in 1963, the Konesvaram kovil was built using ancient statues and objects of the Buddha.

From the bottom of the Koneshwaram Kovil, the tropical blue sea is visible.
Because the sea water is beautiful in blue, it’s a fantastic view. Being on
a side of a corridor on a side of the kovil and looking at a beautiful sea
will make you a very different experience.

Therefore, if you come to Sri Lanka, do not forget to go to Trincomalee.
Trincomalee is a city with many places to enjoy and visit. Koneswaram is
the most important among them.

Add this memorable memory to your memories with this eye-catching beauty.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi