Kanniya Hot Water Springs

Kanniya Hot Water Springs
Kanniya Hot Water Springs

Sri Lanka is a country that has a large number of hot water springs. However, all the hot water springs are spread out in a small section from Trincomalee to Hambantota.

Hot water springs in Kanniya are one of the main places among these hot water springs. It is located in the Trincomalee district. Kanniya hot water springs have been developed as seven wells now.

The largest spring water wells in Trincomalee district are here. This is hot because the water in spring come from limestone and sulfur.

The hot water varies between the seven wells in the well. Some of them are heat-thin. Some others are even more hot. Because this hot water has mineral properties, this water can cure diseases. Hot water is a good medicine especially for skin diseases.

Kanniya hot water wells are now controlled under the Department of Archaeological Research. The reason for this is the ruins of a Raja Vihara built during the reign of Bhathika Tissa. The building of this Rajamaha Vihara can be seen close to the hot water wells.

In order to view these hot water wells, you can see a wonderful tree near the ticket issuing window. The five types of sycamore, malabsorum, breeding, foliage and Nuga trees have been grown in the same tree as one tree. So this is a wonderful tree which has been created by the nature.

Wonderful stories

There are some wonderful stories about how these wells were developed. The main reason for this is that these hot water wells were created by King Ravana. He says that he created these wells to treat his mother who was sick.

Similarly, when this temple was erected, it was said that these hot water wells were created to supply water to the monks who had been living there.

The Kinniaya also has a wonderful legend about the hot water wells written by the Municipal Council of Trincomalee. As such, King Ravana intended to carry off the image of the god Shiva which was there in the Koveshwaram kovil to offer his mother. He has meditated for that purpose. The king of Ravana who got angry at the point where he had not been granted permission from the god had been cut the kovil by his sword and tried to take the entire kovil. When he tried to undo the kovil, the Koneshwaram mountain  was shaken. God saw what was happening, and when he saw King Ravana’s action, he pressed his tomb on the peak of this mountain. It is stated that King Rawana was sticked under the mountain. When this was done, the mother of Rawana died after suspicion that his son died. At this point, the vision of Shiva was given to King Rawana, and the Lord of the whole world extended his long life and a gave a heroic sword to the king. When the king tried to get water for the funeral with the sword, the water from a sacred site emerged from the jungle and became seven wells. It is said that this water is heated and this wells have become hot water wells in
Kanniya .

The hot water wells in other places are also being destroyed by human activities. When bathing from the hot springs, some of them use soap and shampoo, and these springs are mixed with this detergents. In this way, the natural mineral and lycanic properties are being destroyed. So it’s better if you think more about the conversation of this springs when you visit them.

If you come to Sri Lanka, do not forget to visit this Kanniya hot water springs

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi