The Hatadageya | Polonnaruwa The Ancient City


Polonnaruwa – The Ancient City

Nowadays, people are talking about Polonnaruwa very much. That is because of the present president is from Polonnaruwa. Today Polonnaruwa is quite royal. Many things are being constructing. Development is being carried out in Polonnaruwa. But this is the story of a long history.

Ancient Architecture

Usually we are not talking so much about ancient architecture in Sri Lanka.
But I think it is topic to talk about immediately. We can argue that it is
because of Polonnaruwa. For example we can use two or three places at

The Hatadageya

There is a building which is built in a day in Polonnaruwa. In early times,
one day contains 60 hours. That s called ‘ Hata da’. However, this is not
built in 60 hours, but in 60 days. This incredible creation is called the

Hatadageya has been used as the temple of tooth. It was built by king
Nishshankamalla. Although it is made of stone, wood and bricks, only stones and bricks of the walls are preserved. Although it is a two storey
building, only one floor is left. Three statues of Lord Budda, made of
stone is remain in the shrining room.

Hatadageya is located in the ancient Polonnaruwa district of North Central
province of Sri Lanka. The quaternary section of the oldest and the most
sacred monument in the city is the Temple of Tooth. Hatadageya is located
near the nothern edge of it. The Polonnaruwa ‘Watadageya’ is located in
front of it and the ‘Atadageya’ is located to the west.

Hatadageya was built by the king Nishshankamalla (1187 – 1196) as the
temple of tooth. As mentioned in Poojawaliya, Rajawaliya and the Galpotha
inscription, the Hatadageya was built in 60 hours. That means a day
according to the past. The name Hatadageya has been arrived from that.
There is also a view that the name Hatadageya has been arrived because it
was made for 60 monks.

The Hatadageya was of two storeys. The Tooth Relic might be placed in the
upper storey of Hatadageya. The roof was made of wood and tiles. Among the stone pillars we can find 3 inscriptions written by king Nishshankamalla.

Today we cannot see these as in the past. Instead of those, we can only see
the ruins of Hatadageya. No matter if it is built in 60 days or 60 hours,
It is an amazing creation. So, we invite you to visit Hatadageya.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi