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Fort Frederick | Dogs Tomb

Fort Frederick

We can find the dogs lovers all around the world. Someone loves their pets more than their life. Those people have been lived not from today. The love stories like that still exist in some places in the world. They have become very popular destinations of the travelers. Also, people treat animals with love not just because they love it.

In fact, sometimes these pets serve people. The word used to say that they serve people may not suitable in some times. So we say that it is not serving.

These animals can help us in what we cannot do. It’s the real story. This is a story related to such an event. But this is not a story about animals. It’s a separate story related to animals. The story is about three hundred and sixty-nine years old. If not this place had been created in 1943. As you imagined, this is a colonial speech.

It’s really a story of a colony … “

The colonial epoch is the Portuguese era, which is in 1623. We can tell the exact details as this is the story with timelines.

“Timelines…. ????”

When we say one thing like this, you can not imagine what we are about to. Because travellers do not need stories on,

“Loving cats and dogs …….”

But try to seach on the stories to find the past. The destination is Trincomalee. Outside from Colombo. Away from here. From a distance of two hundred and sixty five kilometers from Colombo.
So it will take six or seven hours for this trip to be no dangerous to you all.

Okay, this is the place. There’s a tomb built in colonial times for their dogs. This tomb is now helpless. So, come on before this old memory dies. This is a wonderful story.

“Who are the dogs?”

This is the question you get same as us.

“It must have been pets…”

This is the first argument.

“Can this happen?”

Find it out

“It’s not possible.”

It’s very clear to us. Because pets are kept in the ancient time too. We have said earlier, Vijaya saw a dog before he even saw Kuweni. Though people love animals, not everyone treats them as special. It means that an animal is usually buried in a box and holding funerals. That’s why there is no way to form a burial ground. It may be a result of a specific program.

The dogs at that time had a royal recognition.
Should a dog ever be a royal worker? What if they’re royal? These are royal officers who serve in the government.

“The dogs … ???”

Yes, these dogs worked for the military service of the government. However, the tombs are getting old with the time. If you come to visit Trincomalee side, go ahead and visit the tomb of these dogs. I’ll tell you exactly where to find it. It’s not hard to find. Come to Trincomalee. Then come to Fredrick Fort and there you will find in this tomb. That is the place.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi