Dimbulagala | A Center Of Buddhist Education


Dimbulagala Aranya Senasanaya is located in the Polonnaruwa District of the North Central Province. We have to travel about 20 kilometers from Pollonnaruwa town to Dimbulagala. After passing Manampitiya and Dehiattakandiya on the Batticaloa-Polonnaruwa road, we can reach the Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana.

The history of this Dimbulagala area goes back to the time of the invasion and beyond. At that time Yakkha and Naga tribes were lived in there. It is believed that the Dimbulagala Viharaya belongs to the earliest temples built by King Devanampiya Tissa in Sri Lanka. The present area of ​​the Dimbulagala rock is the area of Dumarakgala and Dumarakka Pabbatha in the past.

A science faculty and a center of Buddhist education

Similar to the reign of King Parakramabahu I, the Dimbulagala Vihara has become a world renowned science faculty. It is said that hundreds of students from neighboring Buddhist countries came to the Faculty of Science to study Buddhist education.

The Kings of Polonnaruwa as well as the Kings of Anuradhapura have extended their patronage for the activities of the Dimbulagala Vihara. Because the Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana accepted as the main monastery in Sri Lanka.

Wonderful Dimbulagala mountain range

A large number of ruins are located in this ancient Buddhist environment surrounding the Dimbulagala Vihara. The Dimbulagala mountain range is also a very beautiful mountain range. This mountain is a place of worship for devotees, as well as a wonderful experience for nature lovers who cling to nature.

It is possible to see the Sangavasa and Image houses recently constructed at the foot of the Dimbulagala mountain range. Also on the top of the hill and in the neighborhood, the ancient ruins and caves can be seen. On the highest point on the mountain, a stupa has been built and it has been named as the Ahas Maligawa(the temple of heaven). There is also a Saman Devalaya that way.

Many pilgrims travel to the top of the mountain to conquer this temple. Also, from the top of the mountain to the bottom, there is a beautiful view of the beautiful Rajarata plains and beautiful tanks and reservoirs.

On one hill there is a place called Mara Street. There we can find an ancient Buddha statue, caves, and some of the paintings belong to the Polonnaruwa era that were slightly destroyed.

The Medicine Pond

Similarly, there are two ponds on the street of Mara Street. One called the the Aushada Pokuna (the Medicine Pond). It is said that this pool, which is not even dry for the drought period, was used by bhikkhus. Since it is believed that the water in this pond has the amazing ability to cure diseases, it was later known as the Oshada Pokuna.

If you come to Sri Lanka, come to Polonnaruwa. The beauty of this beautiful land, however, is in the ancient state of Polonnaruwa. An amazing experience of crossing a hilly climb is also possible to visit historical ruins of an ancient temple in Dimbulagala. As you go down the hill, you’ll be able to drink a hot little flower called Belimal is an another delightful memory in the life book

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi