Batticaloa Gate

Batticaloa Gate
Batticaloa Gate

Kallady palama pamula sindu kiwa maluwo
Ai golu gahune..
Sitharayata wedi wadunada yaluwo..
Sitharayata wedi wadunada yaluwo..

Maha polawa ithin dekata thunata
Bedi yawi yaluwo..
Ganga maha muhuda kalapu 
Nobedewida yaluwo..
Ubala koi desa koi ratakata yanawada maluwo..

Kallady palama pamula sindu kowa maluwo…

Ape uthuru dakunu sangeethaya
Dekata bedeyi yaluwo..
Mrudanga gata bera hadawath
Pali yawi yaluwo..
Ubalage sindu ithin
Koi rateda maluwo..

Kallady palama pamula sindu kiwa maluwo…

Amazing Singing Fishes

The voice of the singing artist Mr. Kapuge slips to the vaccumes of our heart. At the moment we hear it, the vaccums fills up. But we cannot get rid of past memories because it flashes back us to our past. Indeed, this country was actually burned in the past and it burned in our hearts too. Not only at the foot of the Kalldy Bridge but the whole Batticaloa was burned up. But fortunately, it was fixed. But we still feel that fire. The singing fishes were founded dumb. We are still looking for that memory. But now, neither singing fishes nor singing artist Mr.Kapuge was present. Not even the war. Again, no gunshot. Batticaloa is silent. But the hearts cry. That silence is a pain in some times. 

Batticaloa Gate

We are not about to talk about the Kallady Bridge. It is about the Batticaloa Gate near the Kallady Bridge. There are several ways to get to the Batticaloa Gate. Either above the Kallady Bridge or under the Kallady Bridge. We think that the way under the Kallady Bridge is the best. This is a place full of music where the Portuguese drank red wine and sang.

Kalame Island 

Often, most people do not aware of this place. The Batticaloa Gate and the Gandhi Park are very close to the lives of the people. Both of these were located on the island of Puliyanthivu. A long time ago, that means before the arrival of British to Sri Lanka, the Kaleme island has been separated from the main island. Everything was done with this island with boats. The inhabitants of this island who come to the main island with boats have anchored their boats by the Batticaloa Gate in past. It is a one story that belongs to the Batticaloa Gate. 

Excellent work by British

Batticaloa is an area where Methodology was strongly oriented in the past. The two Methodist clerics George Earskain and William Ollt, who were standed by this Methodist story have landed near this gate in 1814. Then, it is said that Batticaloa is fully overturned. But do not take this story religious. However , the Batticaloa Fortress is located very close to the Batticaloa Gate. On one hand, it faces the lagoon and on the other hand it is easy to get there from the land. Anyway, those are the works of British.

Visit Batticaloa 

Today, the Batticaloa Gate is not being used to enter Batticaloa. But if you wish, you can get to Batticaloa under this Batticaloa Gate. It is very beautiful to see Batticaloa when the sun is rising. So, come to this region at the dawn and enjoy your life by the breeze blowing through the silver sea under the blue sky of Batticaloa.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi