Atadageya – Polonnaruwa

Atadageya - Polonnaruwa
Atadageya – Polonnaruwa

We have told you earlier that the magnificent creations of the ancient time
are in Polonnaruwa. It can not be completed in one or two articles.The next
great creation that we can find in Polonnaruwa is Atadageya.

Where the tooth relic and the bowl relic had been placed

The Atadageya is the oldest building in the ancient temple of the Tooth
Relic in Polonnaruwa. The Tooth Relic was built by the King Vijayabahu the
Great (1055-1110 AD). This was a two storey building which consisted of
evidence that the tooth relic and the bowl relic were located at the upper
floor. In the Atadageya, upper floor was made of wood and the roof was made
of tiles. According to the Velakkara inscription, this shrine is assigned
to the king’s personal security men, Velaykkaras.

The Moonstone and the Balustrade

The building is a quadrilateral pavilion. It is seventy five feet away
from the front to the back, and the width of the rectangle is 45 feet. This
tower is located on the south side of the temple of tooth, with a staircase
which consists a moonstone made of limestone and a balustrade to the east.
The dimensional section of the Atadageya has been ruined for centuries and nothing remains in it except its form.
But for today, the design is amazing, and the most important story is
how the name Atadageya has been placed. The reason for the most commonly usage of this name can not guess at once, but maybe it is

Built by eight days

We simply can analyze it. It was not easy to do it. If it was done in at
least sixty days, we said it would be a tough time. Even the ruined parts
of the Atadageya depict the great architecture which was there at that
time. We can only imagine how charming the place was.
It is also depicts the talent of sculpture who made the moonstone and
the balustrade.  This is the Atadageya where every tourist must visit.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi