Arasimale The Beach



A kovil seen above the palm leaves which raise their hands to the empty sky. A dark golden sand trail towards the kovil. 
Without any sign of people are duns.  There are bushes not so tall but two or three feets tall. The whole area is silent. 
We are walking slowly along that wonderful road. We are now travelling upon the kalladi bridge where singing fish was there. Not much Sinhala and Tamil but Muslims. A traveller doesn’t want the nationality, religion or the cast.  So don’t think twice, just come to this junction. 
That junction is so lovely. It will welcome you without any hesitation. Here you will find the humanity which you won’t find in any shop in Sri Lanka. No need of asking for tasty food. For non vegetarians there are variety of food here. Beet,  Mutton with hot bread. 
Enough of food now. Thid is Pulmudei junction where money is drawn from sand. Though the sand is ours, the money is not. We are not here to find those. So let’s get into our task.  We are here to invite you to a beach which cannot be seen any where in Sri Lanka. That Beach is  ” Arasimale… “
There are various reasons for Arasimale to be unique. But the best reason is land. 

” Lands….? “

One may ask like that. But really,  it is true. This name is given like that. Arasi in Tamil is for “Rice”. You may sometimes laugh at what I’m saying.  But that is the truth.  
This sand seriously looks like rice.  Have a visit to this lovely Arasimale beach when you get some time. Explore the beauty you will be amazed, Definitely. 
We know sunrise and sunset as stunning scenes. It is true. But people in some countries aren’t having the chance to see this view at its best. Some countries they don’t even see any glimpse of it. 
And also some countries are lucky to see the sunrise,  but they don’t have the opportunity to explore the sunset. And some countries are lucky to see the sunset, but not the sunrise.Numerically a few countries are having the chance to see both sunrise and sunset. One of that few is our little island. 
So it is a way more different experience to be there in Arisimale Beach, when the sun rises. 
Also there is a river branch like thing which drops down to the Arisimale sea. Beside of that there is an island. When you reach that island you will be able to see amazing shrines. The bikkhus are meditating there. They go far alms collecting on this golden beach every morning. 
There is a canoe to pass this narrow river. That you will have to ride by yourself. But I can promise you that this golden rice sand beach will tell your life a way more different story. It is as beautiful as that. Every where is an atmosphere of romance. Thr breezing wind which touches without any barriers is so sweet. 
The sea sings a lovely song every time it hits the beach of Arasimale. 
Come. Visit the Arasimale.

Written By – Jeewana Pahan Thilina & Chandana Ponnamperuma Translated by – Umesha Sewwandi