About Us

We are about to begin a new story. The story of an isolated island in the Indian Ocean. That island is waiting for you. Waiting for you to emerge from where the sky meets the sea. Paved on your way with cloudy taffeta that island is waiting. Therefore we are ready to tell you the path. We will instruct you to observe the beauty of this island without any omission. We don’t need money for that. Give us your heartiest ‘thank you’. Tell us that you enjoyed, on the day you leave this island and that would be more than enough. So, read us. Chat with us. We will tell you about the whereabouts, food and beverage, clothing, what to do in any emergency, how to provide protection. We will inform you regarding the necessary telephone numbers. If you have any need we are always there for you. If you want either a painting of yours or a gem carved your picture, we will tell you how to get it. If you want a special Batik or a special hand loomed material we will arrange them for you. You were traveling the same old places since the day tourism commenced in Sri Lanka. But now it is enough and this is the time to make a difference. We will tell you about new locations. Have a visit!

  • Chandana Ponnamperuma
  • Buddhika Kasun Karunathilaka
  • Jeewana Pahan Thilina
  • Mekala Dahanayaka
  • Umesha Sewwandi